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Vox Roxs

who is vox roxs?

Legend has it that Frankie Hannigan (aka Vox Roxs) has been singing & entertaining since the moment he could walk. However, winning the Heineken All Ireland Band Competition of the Year, at the age of 17, was his first real acknowledgement within the Music Industry. A clear statement to the world that there was lots more to come!

Accepted into the Paul McCartney (Affiliated) Dublin School of Rock at 19, Vox instead decided to travel the world, playing regularly throughout Asia at pop-up beach party’s and notably he became a regular busker outside the Georges Pompidou Centre, in Paris.

Over the following 10 years, Vox wrote, recorded & released two albums, one of which (Songs from the Capricorn Room) is still available on iTunes, under the band name ‘Galus’. Fast forward to present day and Vox Roxs, now based out of Cape Town, plays regularly with The Vox Roxs (cover) Band and the remarkable ‘super-group’ the Rockerfellas.

The Rockefellers are an amalgamation of glam-rock artists hailing from all over the world. Mashing anthems in rock history to create a fresh new sound, the Rockerfellas are a high-end theatrical and musical extravaganza. As an alternative to the mash-up genre, The Vox Roxs (cover) Band is one of the best party bands in the business and are the perfect option for weddings, corporate events, parties and all festive occasions.


Artists that could be incorporated into a Vox Roxs set